MA [Rabat]


Bô Zin Restaurant | Once a week 2016 MANDARIN Oriental | Brunch | Once a week WAKY Marrakech | Once a week 2017 Resident dj at V hotel by Hilton Dubai 2019 – 2022 V deck Once a week Dubai 2020 HILTON Brunch Once a week Dubai 2020 Four season dubai 2021 Chiringuito private beach 2022 007 night club knetra morocco 2022 555 famous club 2022 On-call Disc Jockey V DECK at V hotel Dubai Hilton habtoor city Dubai Royal Mansour hotel Four season hotel Palais Selman hotel Sky 5 Jaguar event Range Rover event Havana club tangier Amnesia Rabat Ocean Beats festival Morocco Volkswagen casablanca event Palais Jad Mahal K- Beach DJ SAM LIONNE PROFILE SUMMARY I’m a professional disc jockey who has been playing private events and concert productions and festivals for years looking to continously improve my craft. THEATRO NIGHT CLUB 2022 Hayat regency hotel 2022

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