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DJ Koceila Chougar

FR [Bordeaux]
koceila agency board dj


Koceila Chougar is an artist from Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria and is known for his mixtures of artistic universes with both brutal, digital and African inspirations.

Since his childhood, African craftsmanship linked to traditional practices have been part of his landmarks and tones.

Living in France, Koceila is inspired by different mythologies and spiritual practices to give shape to her works.

As a colorist artist, Koceila uses the content of her emotions and the richness of her palette to create her own inner balance.

His practice build over the course of his travels, rubbing shoulders with renowned street artists and schools of great masters such as those of Mr. Salvador Dalí or Mr. Andy Warhol.

Koceila is both DJ Producer, visual artist and digital artist.

He has become an artist with international influence by diverting the use of social networks, music and digital art.

As a creator of universes, Koceila quickly established himself as an atypical artist and DJ on the electronic scene.

He brings his creative moments to events such as the Cannes International Film Festival, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, or the Art Basel fairs in Basel or Miami.

Creator of tropical, spiritual and powerful atmospheres, Koceila wants to impact and color the existing of his art.

His Mediterranean roots gave him a constant need for dances and parties.

Whether it is painting, prayer or music, these three practices are for him all connected.

His pictorial approaches connect both the presence of Street Art, the depth of Art Brut and the mystique of African Art.

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