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Axel N.

DE [Berlin]
axel-n agency board dj


Axel N., a visionary DJ and Producer hailing from the vibrant music scene of Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪.

Renowned for his distinctive sounds, Axel has seamlessly crafted a unique musical genre, known as Groovy Techno, where groovy elements and harmonious melodies converge, a testament to his influences drawn from Melodic Techno and Progressive House.

Axel’s deep-rooted connection with music traces back to his childhood, where it served as a wellspring of inspiration, love, and positive vibes. At the tender age of 8, his musical journey took a profound turn when his father gifted him a guitar. This early introduction to melodies and chords ignited a passion that would shape his musical trajectory.

Venturing into the realm of electronic music festivals at the age of 20, Axel N. found himself immersed in an entirely new world. The pulsating beats, the electric atmosphere – it was a revelation. Fuelled by this newfound passion, Axel delved into music production, channeling his creativity to give birth to his own compositions. His dedication and love for music are palpable in every note and beat.

Now, Axel N. is poised to share his talent with the world. Through his music, he aspires to do more than just entertain; he aims to make the world a better place. Axel N. believes in the transformative power of music, and his goal is to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and positivity. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with Axel N., where each track tells a story and every beat resonates with the shared heartbeat of a better world.

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