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dj etna - Agencyboard dj


ETNA is a music lover, sound producer, DJ and the owner of a delicate musical taste.
A person for whom DJing is a logical continuation of her boundless love for music.
The preference for such styles as – melodic techno, progressive, its influence on the creation of musical taste. These directions today have carried out the foundation of her musical creativity. For her, the deep musical, melodic component of the composition is important, and, of course, in music, as in a girl, there should be a mystery. In fact, she, as a music lover, likes a lot of different music, and often completely opposite genres. ETNA has been professionally DJing since 2013. From that moment began active creative development and performances. A regular guest on music channels and the best parties. Included in the innovative community of DJs and musicians “Balcony of Love”. Founder of dance parties “People & Sound”.
ETNA trying to constantly develop their musical taste and horizons, preferring to learn more than is presented on the surface, ETNA changes musical history and begins to create its own music!

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  • E T N A S H A R E D L I N E U P W I T H A R T B A T
  • F E R R Y C O R S T E N
  • B E T O K O
  • J A M E S Z A B I E L A
  • A N D R E W R A Y
  • M I S S M O N I Q U E 






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